Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition Registration 2022

Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition Registration 2022 | How to Registration Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz rivalry 2022 | What is Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition? | Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz has been coordinated so that beyond what 3 lakh understudies can take part in this test. In the main stage online test will be held at taluka-region/ward level, in the second stage at area civil level and in the third and last stage disconnected test will be held at state level.
What is Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition?
As per Education serve Jitubhai Vaghani, a huge number of inquiries are remembered for this test rivalry. An examination panel has been shaped for the inquiry bank. The test will start each Sunday and close every Friday. Victors will be proclaimed each Saturday.
The planning of the test per member would be 20 minutes. The members will get advanced books online for direction. Consistently, ten champs will be announced at taluka, ward, school, school levels.
ગુજરાત જ્ઞાન ગુરુ ક્વિઝ શું છે?

"Thousands of questions have been included for this quiz," the minister said.  The quiz will also cover various schemes of Central Government as well as State Government, main objectives of the schemes, beneficiaries, achievements achieved so far in the scheme, number and amount of beneficiaries and empirical questions of students.  A committee of question bank scrutiny has also been formed for that.  The quiz starts every Sunday of the week and ends every Friday and the winner will be announced every Saturday.  The duration of quiz per contestant will be 30 minutes per quiz and 50 quizzes per week for taluka and ward level school and college / university department.  A digital booklet of 20 quizzes per day will be available online as a guide to the contestants.  In addition, ten winners from taluka and ward level, school and college / university department will be announced every week.

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